Wednesday, February 8, 2012

An announcement....

Ok in yesterday's post I promised I'd make an announcement, and here it comes.  After over 3 years being on Design teams I have decided to make a major pull pack.

Over our Christmas break I did a great deal of thinking about what I wanted out of 2012 and I have decided that it is more family time and focus on my boys.  My boys are at an age that I can do so much with them and I know the years to come are just going to go quicker– I just don’t want to look back and say ‘gee I could have spent more time with them’.  

I will still be scrapping but for myself and without deadlines that I feel I have to meet because I have made a commitment to them.  

I have been VERY privileged and honoured to be part of the team at Tomorrow's Memories who saw something in my work that wanted them to ask me to be on their team of extremely talented ladies.  I have loved EVERY minute of my 3+ years on that team and have made some VERY dear friends as part of it.  

Although I have not long been on teams for Scrapware and Scraphaven, I have also enjoyed my time on those teams as well.  Both owners approached me about being on their teams to which I was also honoured.  I have met a whole lot of lovely ladies through both these teams, and I am sure to be around scrapping at Scraphaven on some friday nights as well as sharing future work using my stash of Scrapware chipboard!

You will still see my work appearing in Australian Scrapbook Ideas with more work yet to be published, as well as part of the Helmar USA team blog.  I will also still be posting here, but I can't make a commitment as so how often as I really want to put life first, for a little while at least. 

I LOVE my scrapping and well I couldn't give it up if I tried, just want to make sure I am making the memories as without them scrapbooking just isn't as much fun!  


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Long overdue post.... and therefore long LOL

Heading into my blog to make this post I realise that I haven't posted for 2 whole months!!  Some might think it is unacceptable, but hey I've been busy living life.

December was VERY busy with my youngest son turning 1 a week before Christmas.

Organising his party as well as getting organised for Chrissy proved to be a great deal to do for this mum of 2 under 2.5.  We did have a wonderful day celebrating his birthday and more importantly he had an absolute ball.  Although I haven't had a chance yet, I can't wait to get stuck into scrapping some of these photos!

I busily made his birthday cake as well as all the decorations and party favours.  I just loved how it all came together and definitely made all the hard work worth it.  Here are some pics of what I did.

 I made the bunting and covered the front of the hats to match the theme of the party which was 'Giggle and Hoot' who are of our kids channel ABC2.  My son just loves when Hoot comes on so it was easy to decide the theme pretty early on.

 This was the birthday cake I made for him, it was a 9 blue and orange layer 3D cake of Hoot.  I even made some mini cupcakes with the left over mix!
 I made various labels for the food using some great free printables I found on the net at Marabous they were just perfect for the theme party.

 Here I added some of the printables that were cut out with a circle punch and then glued onto some tooth picks - so easy to do but make the food all tie in.
 For the punch bowl, I added one of the punch outs onto a wooden peg that I covered with a piece of orange card.
 Although not themed, I made this card hanger as well.  I have actually customised it so that it can be used for everyone's birthday in the house, the name is just added with a peg that has the person's name on it.  The other pegs are stored behind it when it is someone's birthday.  So much better than having all the cards land on the floor when some wind comes through the house!
Oh and one extra I had to share of the birthday boy just after devouring his birthday cake.

I have also been busy with some projects I have done for Helmar posts recently.
These are the layouts I did as part of the monthly challenges.  They were sketches created by Lydell Quinn.

I have also done a couple of posts that you may be interested in checking out as well.  The first is a layout I created of my son and I at the park.  The post which details everything I did is here

The next two posts are actually part 1 and 2.  Each large projects in their own right, but are also one.  Part 1 details the Mini Album and part 2 the Watering Can.
Other than that I can't say I have done a whole lot more, but hoping to get into some new projects over the coming weeks.  I also have an announcement to make, but that can wait until tomorrow... so stay tuned if you are interested!