Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Welcome Austin Mackenzie Beattie

Well yes finally my baby is here! Sorry it has taken me so long to post. My beautiful baby boy was born on Saturday 16th May at 5:09pm. I had a rather trying birth to deal with. I was induced on Friday morning at 7:00am and after two days... it was decided that he had to come out via c-section as it was not progressing successfully after hours and hours of regular close contractions. Also Austin was getting tired which was not good. I had no problems with him having to be delivered in this way if it meant that it was best for him. Not one part of the birth had gone to plan, so I was open to anything by this stage. He was a large boy at 4.05kg and a head 36.5cm. Doc said he didn't realise he was quite that big and that he wasn't going to have come out the other way anyway, so it was a good decision to go ahead with the surgery.

I now have this beautiful baby boy which has so quickly consumed my life and I love him for it. He is an absolute angel and sleeps really well. He only grizzles to let me know he is hungry or needs his nappy changed, so I don't think I can complain.

Here are some pics of my beautiful baby boy...
Austin loves to hold my finger when he sucks on it

This was really hard to do... waking him from a sleep because we needed to increase his milk in take because he had lost too much weight...Austin in his going home from hospital outfit...

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I recently had a couple of projects I did for Scrapbook Creations on behalf of Kaisercraft published. I only just realised on the weekend that these had not been put up on my blog... So I thought I would add them for anyone who missed the issue they were in.

The pieces were done to show the versatility of the Kaiser calendars which were released a few months ago. I was really excited when Melissa asked me to do them (as I had only been working there a week) and even more excited to see my work for the first time in print when the issue cam out!

Well here they are.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Well, yes Mothers Day has come and gone and my bub still has not come out. We did decide though that I am a mum even if it is still in my tummy, cause well there is a BABY in there... MY BABY and well it has done its 40 weeks, so it is just a matter of positioning that it is still in there and not out here... So I got spoilt by bub (via Hubby) anyway which was nice!

On a separate Mother's Day note... I got to spend the afternoon with one special Mum on Sunday... MY MUM. We had a lovely lunch with all the family which was really nice. My mum like most would do anything for us, so it was nice to spend the time recognising this...
Below is the card I made for my mum as well as a calendar that she wanted for the house. I put a heap of work into this calendar which I didn't mind one bit, as I know she appreciates it SO MUCH. She has kept every card I have made and given her, so it was worth the effort of finishing this one in the early hours of Sunday morning.
I made this card using a lovely Twiddleybitz piece. It saved heaps of time in creating the card, as not too much was needed more than the message. I simply sprayed the colour on it and used some sworvski crystals in the centre of the flowers for a little bling...

Mum really wanted to have a heritage look about her calendar, so I decided to use papers from 'Collections' I hadn't worked with these for a while, but I love how they suit this calendar by Kaisercraft. I just love this family photo of us that was taken on the dancefloor at my cousin's wedding. It is funny you would never think to take a family portrait in such a way, but it would have to be the best photo of all of us as everyone looks just so happy and enjoying themselves. It is just a shame that the kids weren't at the wedding so it is just the adults.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Will the stork just keep walking past the barn?

I am not sure what is happening with the little stork on my blog .... will it just keep walking past the barn now that I am overdue? LOL

My bub is obviously WAY too comfortable in my tummy as it isn't even engaged yet!! Deadline for induction is a week away, so at least you can all know that I will have some news to share REAL soon! I would really like this bub to come of its own accord, but hey we may need to give it a little push.

I am just SO excited for my new arrival to be here and I am looking forward to HEAPS of cuddles!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More door name plates...

I did these two door plates for my dear friend's children in Perth. They are VERY belated birthday presents for the two of them, but I am happy I have finally finished them and sent them off last week. Thanks Amelia for being so patient!!

I used some of the newer Kaiser papers to create them. They are not the best photos... but easy to get the idea. I do just love making these, and I still have one on order to get done for my cousin's daughter. I will share that one when it is done!

Sorry had to remove these pics... will hopefully have them back up soon

Monday, May 4, 2009

New cards for new bubs.... plus one!

A couple of friends have just had babies, and I made these cards for them. It was great that one had a girl and one a boy, so that I could make them completely different. I have had a chance to catch up with the mums and the bubs and they are all doing well. The babies are just the cutest!!

And now for the plus one...
When I receive a card that I really like the design of, I often make a sketch of it. They come in REALLY handy when you are pressed for time in getting a card done, as you at least have a base to work from. I still keep the cards, but I keep all the sketches in my scrapping area where they are all together and at easy reach. This next card was created in such a way, and took me no time at all to put together!!

Hope you enjoy these, and get inspired to make some personalised cards of your own!