Saturday, October 6, 2012

CSI Case file #39 Always believe layout


For this layout I got a little creative with the case file.  I started by using photos that would completely contrast with the colour pallet in the form of the bright purple dress. I did pull this in carefully re-creating the flowers on her dress out of cardstock.  The blue of the water also helped to do this being included in the colour pallet.

Sketch: I rotated the sketch 90 degrees to the right, giving me a very different feel for the sketch.

Evidence: I included old book pages in my texture work with the screened flourishes. You can see these in the close up shots below. I also decided to do my journalling in the form of rub-ons that would deliver the message of the layout.

Testimony: I included the journalling on the photos, with the main part of the journalling being framed in circles.