Friday, April 29, 2011

Chance to win some AWESOME Helmar Products

Hi Everyone, we are having a bit of fun over at the Helmar Facebook page and you can win this!!

We are giving away some of the BEST adhesives to a lucky person..... BUT to be in the running, you need to visit the page and let us know that 'I' - yes Beck Beattie sent you.  Just post this on the wall and ensure you have hit the 'like' button as well.

It is all a bit of fun really, so we would love to see you all there.

Remember to say I sent you and hopefully I will get a chance to pick our lovely winner!

We have a great deal of fun over there with daily posts, Upstream reminders for free online classes and product spotlights.  Oh and if you ever miss the live broadcast, you can always catch the recorded version.

Would love to see you there

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Helmar USA/AUS 2011 Design Team!

Further to my post below about my own personal excitement.... Here is the official post from the Helmar Blog.   It is a team full of such amazing talent that I am still SO PROUD that my name is amongst them.

I have also added links to their blogs so you can check out their work before we get started on May 1st.

Helmar USA/AUS 2011 Design Team!

We wish to thank everyone who submitted a design team and guest designer application.  The amount of applications along with the creativity was mind blowing.  We are proud and excited to announce our 2011 Helmar USA/AUS Design Team!
  • Tracy Weinzapfel (DesignTeam Coordinator)
  • Erika Taylor
  • Leanne Garner
  • Jen Erickson
  • Carisa Zglobick
  • Sarah Mullanix
  • Julie Walton
  • Carrie Ferrier
  • Carole Stirrat
  • Jessica Morales
  • Letitia Grace Lauer
  • Cherry Nelson
  • Connie Mercer
  • Jessica Diedrich
  • Jimmi Mayo
  • Lydell Quinn
  • Alicia Barry
  • Michelle Wallace
  • Beck Beattie
  • Julianne McKenna-De Lumen
  • Jenny Burns
  • Mandy Collins
We are so excited to have these wonderful designers work with our adhesives!!  Stay tuned for a ton of creativity and inspiration on our Helmar USA Design Team Blog
Congrats to our new 2011 Design Team, Guest Designers and our Adhesive Ambassadors!!
Tracy WeinzapfelPresident, Helmar USA, Inc. 

Helmar USA 2011 design team

At the moment all I can pretty much say is WOW.  I dared to dream that I would get a 'guest' design spot with Helmar and I made the actual team!

When I put in my application I felt good about what I had put forward and thought that I have at least put my best foot forward that I possibly could.  There are SO many talented scrapbookers out there that I never in a million years expected to be successful, just hoped with all my might!

Last week while I was at the Maternal Child Health Nurse (MCHN) for my son Toby's 4 month check-up I got a call on my mobile phone.  I could barely understand the person on the other end as the service was so bad, so I asked them to call me back in 30 mins (as it came up blocked number - I couldn't call them back) and I hung up the phone... as I did this the mind had ticked over that little bit more and I was quickly putting some pieces together in my head....  blocked number (possibly overseas) American Accent (could only think of Helmar) and the timing (while they were going through the submissions for the guest and team spots for 2011)...


Couldn't have imagined how much the MCHN thought I was looney (especially as people that don't scrap or know someone that does - it is pretty hard to explain what it means to you)  I was now going to have to wait for that call to come back to know what the call is all about... sometimes not knowing can be just as exciting as you are just dying to know one way or the other.  

So in 30 minutes I got another call.  At this stage I was busy trying to get a screaming baby into the car as he was now overtired and reception is even worse this time.  I simply said I would be home in 15 minutes and would have better reception then.  I am sure at this stage Tracy was questioning if she even wanted this person on her team LOL

So I quickly drove home as Toby settled in the car, whilst hoping that hubby would be home as he wasn't well and had popped to the office for just a couple of hours to get things organised.  I got home and was happy to see him there :D  I thought that would help with any further distractions... I quickly explained to him what was going on. I already couldn't contain my excitement and I didn't even know what it was all about - only thinking that if it was Helmar calling it had to be good as I figured they wouldn't be calling me on what was Sunday night there to say I was unsuccessful...

So I stood in a part of the house that has great reception (where I live isn't the best reception for my carrier) and waited for a call - and soon it did!  I was firstly so gobs smacked to be talking to Tracy herself and the news she delivered was just amazing to hear!  I was seriously speechless.  It was such a whirlwind morning, that I just didn't have any words.  I was desperately hoping to get a guest spot, and put in for the actual team as it was a DREAM of mine that I have had for about 2 years now and I was finally in a stage in my life to be able to do it if I was successful

I am just SO thrilled and over the moon that I have made the team, and can't wait to share my work with everyone over the coming months.  It was absolutely killing me not to tell anyone last week while wearing a smile from ear to ear, and now feels even better to be able to share it.  I just LOVE sharing ideas and is the whole reason I post on my blog - with the hope that it inspires at least one person.

So I couldn't share my news... but I could play with my Helmar products :)

I did this layout of my husband's birthday celebrations we had surprised him with last week.  I couldn't help but use my Helmar Liquid Scrap Dots and Helmar 450 Quick Dry teamed up with some awesome Fancy Pants paper and rub ons - It's your Day collection to give the layout that extra bit of dimension.  
If you look carefully at the thin line orange circle - it looks like it is floating... but it isn't - it is fully supported with Helmar liquid scrap dots, as is the star.  I just love the Liquid Scrap Dots as it gives the best raised effect without seeing any ugly foam tape from underneath... also it isn't going anywhere which I like the most!

Well I hope you have enjoyed my little share about a VERY exciting day I had last week and a new layout. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New DT cards soon to arrive at Tomorrows Memories

I have just finished some new work to go up at Tomorrows Memories (over in Perth Western Australia), and so I thought I would show some of it.  These are the cards I made using my pack of BoBunny goodness.  I really enjoyed working with the BoBunny Gabrielle Range, it is just so pretty.  I was finding it hard to part with these cards in the end, but I know I will eventually get them back and then I can give them to a special friend on their birthday.

I have use my Helmar liquid Scrap dots, Acid free glue and 450 quick dry adheasive on these cards, as I don't want any of those pretty embellishments coming off.  They are stuck on there for good!

I recently bought a typewriter and I am just LOVING using it to add what ever words I feel at the time.  It is working out really well for journaling.  I thought I would get use out of it - but I am getting even more use out of it than I thought, and it only cost me $30, only problems is now I want a bigger one LOL

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter Break xxx

Friday, April 22, 2011

I love Fancy Pants

I have a few favourite scrapbooking paper brands, and Fancy Pants is one of those.  I took this picture yesterday when my mother's group friends and I took our little ones out for a special morning tea to celebrate their impending birthdays and exchange gifts.  The 3 of them were just great, and are getting along so well together.  I caught this photo when they all decided to give each other a hug when we told them I was wanting to take a photo of them.  So glad I had my camera ready and snapped away.

I used a mixture of Love Birds  & It's Your Day collections from Fancy Pants.  I just loved the pack of rub-ons I used to embellish the page, as the base paper I used, just didn't need too much done to it.  It would have to be one of my flattest layouts in a VERY long time, but I love it just the same.  

Aside from the paper ranges and rub-ons I used my Helmar 450 to adhere the photo, journaling panel and raffia to the layout.  I then used my Helmar Acid Free to adhere it to the Red cardstock background.
Hope you enjoyed my quick share.

Have a safe and Happy Easter


Thursday, April 21, 2011

My first She Art Girl

Amazing!  Two posts in two days and probably not even 12 hrs apart... pick yourselves up off the floor people.

I am having SO much fun getting back to doing something really arty (haven't for many years) as part of the She Art Workshop by Christy Tomlinson.

I have now completed my first Girl, so I thought I would share her. There are definitely improvements needed, but I am happy with my first effort.  Can't wait to get stuck into another one!

 I have two other background canvases done, so hopefully I might have another two done by the time the weekend is out.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fun stuff with foam stamps

I had some presents to wrap for my friends' little girls, and I saw this idea on a pinterest post.  So although I don't have many foam stamps, I thought I would give it a go!

All I used was some white Gesso as the paint as I love that more chalky look it has, and it looked fantastic on the brown paper.

I just love the look and will definitely be buying some more foam stamps in the future!

Pretty simple, but I like it.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Using Helmar Step 1 & 2 Crackle on canvas

On today's spotlight for Helmar Crackle, the question was raised if it would work on canvas.  So I thought, well I'd give it a go - being pretty sure it would.

I used it on a canvas sheet as a background to a card.  I did have fun painting the crackle specifically onto the parts of the stenciled image I wanted to crackle.  There was no problems with it at all!  I also used my Liquid Scrap Dots to adhere the message, butterfly and flowers.  I also used some 450 quick dry adheasive to adhere the lace, ribbon and canvas to some old book paper.  Lastly I used my Helmar Acid free glue to adhere it to a plain brown card.

I must say I love the look of the canvas and found I could do heaps more with it than cardstock that is made to have this pattern.

You can really see the crackle in this detail shot.

Hmmm Crackle on canvas... I might be addicted!

Have a nice day everyone.  Promise to have some new stuff to share over the coming days!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Welcome back chippy!

I have some really exciting news to share as I have been asked to join the Scrapware Design Team.  The lovely Angela Conolly is sending me some new chippy to work with - so I will no doubt be sharing some  real soon!  I have loved her stuff for AGES and now I get to use it in abundance :D

As I have been busy creating for the magazine and my Helmar Design Team application, I don't have a great deal to share... HOWEVER this is a card I did for my lovely mum who has headed overseas this week for a holiday and therefore got her mother's day presi a little early.  I really enjoyed creating it as my mum would have to be the biggest fan of my work (as I am sure most mums are :D) and she has kept every hand made card I have made over the years and believe me there are some shockers (especially when I just got started with this hobby LOL).  I love that she has kept them all though, as it really shows a journey of my dabbling in this craft and I am not ashamed of any of them!

There are quite a few elements to this card including some punching to accent the strip piece which runs across the card.  Some distressing of this piece prior adhering it to the punched piece.  (I have used the Martha Stewart Doily border punch) some fake stitching and plenty of bling and Prima.  I have even created a doily looking piece with some lace that has been sprayed with Glimmermist to give some colour and shine.

Of course I have used my Helmar 450 and liquid Scrapdots to adhere all the elements together as given the fact that my mum keeps them, I want to make sure they all stay stuck down - oh and because I love my Helmar :D

I have also been busy creating invites for my little boy's 2nd birthday that is coming up next month.  I have had fun with some texture paste on this one as well as some liquid scrapdots to create the dimension.  I am not sure what 'theme' I am going for for his party, but I loved this paper from BoBunny so I decided to use it for his invites.

Have a great week everyone, and I am sure I will back with something new to share next week xxxx