Sunday, May 18, 2008

The beginning..

Ok here goes... my first blog entry!

I am sure that there is a bit to figure out with with this blogging stuff, but I am always up to try new things! Coming up with the title was my first hurdle, and well I guess it says it all, I'm putting myself out there. I do hope to post regularly, when not too busy with my work, oh and when I have something to say...

Well firstly a bit about me and my scrapping...

I was originally a card-making then over to the dark (or should that say bright) world of scrapbooking -after wanting to for years. My first achievement was a mini album I did for my mum and Dad of my wedding, and having done that I did a beginners class with a friend to learn about the world of 12" x 12" scrapping which to a card maker can be quite daunting as it is so much larger a space. I completed my first 12 x 12 page from this class, and have not looked back since!

Although I love making and giving my cards, I am absolutely loving scrapbooking as I am finally doing some stuff to keep and put up at home.

1 comment:

gsthair said...

Wow Girl!

You never seise to amaze me with your never ending talent, and now your own blog too. You go girl. As you know I love your work so I hope you keep it up. Look forward to seeing whats next.