Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dress Form Swap

I am currently working on my dress forms for the swap at Tomorrow's Memories (amongst everything else!!) and as there were small and large dress forms in the packet (which are by Collections), I have decided to use the smaller ones to proto-type my final creation. (the larger ones are needed for the swap).

At the moonlight on Friday night, I made proto-type 1 (which may end up being 'the one' who knows) It is a bit of an 'evening' theme dress. The upper skirt is made with bonsai wire which I have twisted to keep get a 3-D effect. I cant wait to give up 10 of my 11 to receive 10 different ones back!


Vicki said...

Thanks heaps for your help counting yesterday....we really appreciate any extra helpers we can get when stocktaking!!! Thank God we only have to do it once a year! Love the Dress Form, but I am wondering if you will regret it when you have to do 11 of them on the bigger size!!!!!! Good luck!
Vicki :-)

BeckBT said...

Gee I thought this one didn't take too long.... we will have to see what I decide on as the final!

Jo Kay said...

Your dress form is beautiful Beck. I think that should be "the one"!
Jo x