Thursday, June 5, 2008


When I started making cards, I did so for the reason that I wanted to give more thank-you cards. I have been pretty slack at doing this over the years and not given anywhere near as many as I would have liked to. So to make sure I start taking more time to say thank-you, I am going to give a minimum of 1 thank-you card EVERY month.

The first of my thank-you cards for a while will go to my parents for always giving my husband and I a place to stay and a car to drive around when we are in Melboune, even if it is at short notice.

Thanks Mum and Dad!

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suzitee said...

What a great idea Rebecca!And so appropriate today, as I have been pointed in the direction of your blog so that I could THANK YOU for my divine little stamp! It was so very thoughtful of you to have one made for me, and I just LOVE it. Have a great week, congrats on a great blog, and I will catch up with you at TM soon.

Thanks again
Susan xxxx