Monday, July 28, 2008

Scrap It 2008


Well it has been more than just an awesome day, the lead up to Scrap it was wonderful as well. I originally registered to go because it was such a good cause, and although I never get much scrapping done at these things, thought I would go anyway and enjoy everyone's company. Gee I didn't think that you could have SO much fun raising money for a wonderful cause!

I spent last week really busy getting stuff done for Tomorrow's Memories (hence the lack of posting last week). I ran my first class yesterday which was a make-and-take using Creative Cafe. This stuff is so much fun. We did a little happy hour make and take layout which went for around 30mins and everyone left with a layout done.

I then spent the afternoon doing Tracey's Cristmas Village class. This was so much fun, and I was really looking forward to doing it.

I did some more scrapping saturday night (surprise surprise) and then packed my bags for Sunday.

I arrived at just after 7am (after my lovely husband dropped me off) and went in to have breakfast with Sonya, Leah, their hubbies and Nadine. So with food in our bellies, the girls went back to thier room to finish getting ready and get their bags. I went in to give the TM girls a hand with setting up the shop and then went an weighed in my bags...... there was a prize for the heaviest as well as the lightest. Mine weighed in at 42kgs, I thought I was a sure thing until the lady after me weighed in her TWO totes and bags and came in at 66KGS!!! Glad I wasn't having to carry all that.

We then all headed in. On our seats were these really cool goodie bags full of papers, embellishments, magazines, discount vouchers etc etc. A nice start to the day

Our group had dressed for the occassion and proceeded to put our capes, masks and aprons on. Before long we had one our first prize: BEST DRESSED GROUP
I will post a photo of all of us as soon as I get hold on one, but here is our prize...

There was so much stuff in there, each of those is a pack of co-ordinated papers and embellishments. CAN'T COMPLAIN ABOUT THAT!

There were many auctions, raffles and spot prizes, and the next excitement for me came when I won the raffle to do the TM make-and-take run by Tracey, with Sonya has her helper. This was so way cool. I ran late to it because I was frantically trying to get my page map layout done to enter in the competition, and didn't get much of it done there, but came home to finish it. Here is a photo of the 3 cards we made to go in the little bag that Tracey had decorated for us already, as well as the goodies we received as a little presi and raffle prizes we won while she was running it. It was the BEST make-and-take. I just love this bag of cards that can be given as a present to someone, or kept by me to give.

Well day was going FANTASTIC at this stage, won two prizes, having a great time, and because I was put under pressure with the 10 minutes to go to get page map layouts in for the competition, I even had a layout done. I don't usually get all that much done at scrap events as I like to spread my stuff out when I am scrapping.

Well just when I thought my day couldn't get much better, Kristy Evans from Scrapbooking memories asked if they could publish my family canvas they saw in the shop when they visited TM the day prior. I have not yet had this honour, and I am just SO thrilled!!

So at this stage day has been WAY more generous than I could have imagined, and there was still more to come.

Everyone got an opportunity to vote for the layouts and cards that entered the page map competitions, and voting was now closed. My next excitement was when they called my name out as I had won Runner-up for the layout competition. I couldn't believe it was was SO thrilled and still am. There were so many lovely layouts so I feel honoured to have won this prize....

Thanks to all the lovely ladies that voted for my layout. I am still stoked even as I write this many hours later! I must explain what a page map is. It is a sketch detailing how you set out the layout and you interpret it in your way. I used this lovely twidley bits free standing frame which I altered to work with my page. Here is the layout I did.OK well now I am feeling like I am in a bubble and that everything is just surreal, can't believe how many prizes I have won at this stage. Then the last raffle of the day occurred and well I thought I just put some more money is (it is just such a good cause) and it was for a camera which I didn't really need because I only bought a new one about a month and a half ago. It was then drawn and which number did that call............... 160! MY REGISTRATION NUMBER. I could belive it once again. I had now won a camera and camera case as well.

Well that just topped it off. Had such a wonderful time (not just because of the prises) as the company was FANTASTIC. There was over $35,000 raised for Alzheimer's Disease Resarch, which was just fantastic. Everyone busily scrapped the whole day. Thanks Sonya, Leah, Mel, Lyn and Nadine for making me feel SO welcome even though I have not known all of you for that long. I had a great time.


Tracey said...

Yes Scrap-It was certainly an amazing day. I am glad that you liked doing your Christmas VIllage class and it was an honour to teach you. And yes the make and take was, to say the least, awsome. I had so much fun putting it all together and seeing everyones face as we just kept giving stuff away. I so like doing that. And congrats on your project being chosen for the mag, well done girl you deserve it.

texmorg said...

WOW Beck it sounds like you had a great time. Congratulations on your canvas being selected for the magazine what an honour. It deserves to be there.