Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More DT sneak peaks

Well, I finally got some more of my Design Team projects done for Tomorrow's Memories. I am really enjoying getting back into my scrapbooking now that I am feeling a HEAP better. Morning sickness seems to have subsided which is GREAT. I can re-claim a little more of my life back as it is so hard to do things when you feel so crap!

These pieces have been sent off to Tomorrow's Memories, so I will post the full pic's later in the week. If you would like to see them up close and personal..... pop into the store possibly next week when they would have definitely arrived!

I am missing being able to pop into the shop (especially seeing I would most days when I was living in Perth) but the TM blog is a fantastic way to keep up with all the happenings..... that I am missing :( .

If you have not yet checked it out click on the link under my links section and check it out. The girls have been great at keeping everyone up to date with all that is going on, and they have some awesome specials and giveaways going on at the moment.


Al said...

You know I love that BG paper you have used Beck. You did an awesome job! Loving your work ;)

And it's so good you are feeling well too. It must be awful feeling "yuck" when you have to work.

Vicki said...

Just love the sneak peaks Beck..can't wait to see them!!! We will let you know as soon as they arrive.Bye for now...Vicki

Tracey said...

Can't wait to see them for real. Just can't wait.
We miss not having pop into the store too, oh well hopefully early next year Son & I will visit in Melbourne. Glad your feeling better too. Love Me :-)

Jo Kay said...

Can't wait to see all those beautiful things Beck. The sneak peaks look amazing!!! So glad that you are starting to feel better!
We miss you popping in too, but it's great to catch up on your blog - thanks for the nice words about ours - we do enjoy keeping everyone up-to-date.
Speak soon and take care.
Jo x

Vicki said...

We were all thinking of you on Saturday night as we all had a look at your DT pieces. In real life they are stunning!!! Thank you for doing a fantastic job on all of your pieces...especially the TM letters!! We will find a home for them in the shop this week.
Vicki xx

Jo Kay said...

Oh Beck,
Your DT projects just arrived!! They are absolutely stunning - we love, love, love them all. Thank you so much.
We will be in touch via email, but thank again so much - they will all look wonderful in the shop.
Jo x

Tracey said...

Saw the real thing over the weekend and OMG they are amazing as always.
We are so lucky to have you.
Tracey :-)