Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The growing bump

Well, I am not sure that I look all that bigger, well in the area of the bump anyway. Probably because I have been very good at putting on weight myself. Can't wait to get into some serious exercise when the bub is here and loose all that I have put on (and well maybe a few more kgs). I have not been allowed to do exercise during the pregnancy which makes for keeping the weight down really hard. Oh that and the fact that lately I can't stop eating!!

Well enough about how I feel about my weight gain... here is a photo of me at 7 months which my lovely hubby took for me.

I have been getting more tired over the last couple of weeks, and therefore struggling with my scrapping. Partly because the bump is getting bigger... and a bit in the way when I am leaning over my desk or when I drop things on the floor... I am more likely to scrap everything I want to get done in one day these days instead of a bit at a time. I do have a couple of projects on the way though, so will post some new work before the week is out!


Ali said...

looking good bek! you look fantastic - that photo is great!! Yay for Andrew's good photography skills!! how r u going?? xx

Melissa Kennedy said...

You look unreal for a pregnant women so don't be too hard on yourself.
You looked absolutely gorgeous the other night - glowing is the (literally)

suzitee said...

Beck, you are looking just gorgeous. I'd love to be able to say that you will get more scrapping done when the little bundle arrives but....maybe not. Just enjoy things as they come, and worry about the weight when you can actually do something about it (wink).

Debbie said...

You look amazing Beck...Love the bump..enjoy it cause it will be gone soon and your bundle of joy will be in your arms...Miss ya :)