Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Welcome Austin Mackenzie Beattie

Well yes finally my baby is here! Sorry it has taken me so long to post. My beautiful baby boy was born on Saturday 16th May at 5:09pm. I had a rather trying birth to deal with. I was induced on Friday morning at 7:00am and after two days... it was decided that he had to come out via c-section as it was not progressing successfully after hours and hours of regular close contractions. Also Austin was getting tired which was not good. I had no problems with him having to be delivered in this way if it meant that it was best for him. Not one part of the birth had gone to plan, so I was open to anything by this stage. He was a large boy at 4.05kg and a head 36.5cm. Doc said he didn't realise he was quite that big and that he wasn't going to have come out the other way anyway, so it was a good decision to go ahead with the surgery.

I now have this beautiful baby boy which has so quickly consumed my life and I love him for it. He is an absolute angel and sleeps really well. He only grizzles to let me know he is hungry or needs his nappy changed, so I don't think I can complain.

Here are some pics of my beautiful baby boy...
Austin loves to hold my finger when he sucks on it

This was really hard to do... waking him from a sleep because we needed to increase his milk in take because he had lost too much weight...Austin in his going home from hospital outfit...


suzitee said...

Oh wow Beck...he is just so gorgeous! Congratulations to you and Andrew. I am so glad he is being a good boy for you, and just so thrilled that it all ended well. Take care of yourself...c-section recoveries are no walk-in-the-park! Enjoy all the precious moments with your beautiful little man xxx

Vicki said...

I am soooo excited for you Beck!! Congratulations on bringing little Austin safely into this world... it doesn't matter how they arrive as long as they are healthy!

Enjoy every possible minute of these early days because they grow up way too quickly.

It is such as shame you are so far away as we all would love to come and visit.

Take care...lots of love...Vicki x

Anonymous said...

Hi There Beck, Congratulations to you and your husband. He is looking rather gorgeous. I am glad to hear that everything is now fine. I bet you can't wait to 'scrap' him. Love and Best Wishes the team @ TWIDDLEYBITZ !!
(Nicole and Andrew Skender)

Jo Kay said...

Oh Beck, He is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations!!!!!! We can't wait to see more photos and find out how everything is going. Give us a call sometime when you can.
Love and thoughts
Jo xxx

Al said...

Morning Beck,
Good to see you have had a chance to catch up here and show the world your handsome and sweet little guy Austin. Hehe ... I love his little going home outfit!

CONGRATULATIONS again to you and Andrew. He is just gorgeous!
Hope to catch up with you really soon. Take care, Love Al, Craig, Cam & Bai x

Anonymous said...

Congrats Beck, he is so gorgeous!! Can't wait to meet him in July, and love the outfit, hope he continues on being a little angel!
best wishes Amelia xxx

Debbie said...

AWWWW!!! He is sooooo cute Beck. A HUGE hug to you all and all my love to you... Look forward to updates on little Austin's growth.

Melissa Kennedy said...

Aren't you a clever girl.
He is gorgeous.
Congratulations Beck to you and Andrew.
Hope you drop by the office to show him off to everyone.
Take care of you and him of course and grab all the rest you can.

Binxcat1 said...

Oh my what a beautiful baby... and I promise I am not just saying that... I think most babies are pretty ugly... even my own! LOL ;) But this little man is just so so handsome. I DO SO LIKE HIS NAME TOO BTW!! HUGE CONGRATS to you and Andrew.

Jane Ettia Jones said...

Oh his just too gorgeous for words. A huge congrats Bec and so happy for you and your little family.....ewwwwww i want to kiss those gorgeous little cheeks