Friday, February 4, 2011

First layout of my littlest boy

OK everyone, don't get too used to the number of posts LOL Yes 3 for the month so far!

I have just finished my first layout for the year, and before I get stuck into some that I wont be able to share - as they are for the magazine, I thought I would share this one.

I did this layout of my new little boy Toby. He is 5 weeks old in this photo, as it was the first chance (other than in hospital) I have had to take some decent photos of him.

I have used some lovely Shabby Green Door paper as well as an older line from Making Memories for the embellishing. I even used a cute little tag that came with some Country Road clothes I had bought for my other son last year. Still have a couple of them up my sleeve - so I will be sure to use them in the future.
This layout is definitely not my usual style, but I do love experimenting and giving other styles a go - even if I am not quite that great this one, at least I am giving it a go!

Hope you are enjoying your year so far... I know I am :D


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Louise Williams said...

awww it's lovely and he's such a gorgeous little fella... :)