Friday, April 15, 2011

Using Helmar Step 1 & 2 Crackle on canvas

On today's spotlight for Helmar Crackle, the question was raised if it would work on canvas.  So I thought, well I'd give it a go - being pretty sure it would.

I used it on a canvas sheet as a background to a card.  I did have fun painting the crackle specifically onto the parts of the stenciled image I wanted to crackle.  There was no problems with it at all!  I also used my Liquid Scrap Dots to adhere the message, butterfly and flowers.  I also used some 450 quick dry adheasive to adhere the lace, ribbon and canvas to some old book paper.  Lastly I used my Helmar Acid free glue to adhere it to a plain brown card.

I must say I love the look of the canvas and found I could do heaps more with it than cardstock that is made to have this pattern.

You can really see the crackle in this detail shot.

Hmmm Crackle on canvas... I might be addicted!

Have a nice day everyone.  Promise to have some new stuff to share over the coming days!


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