Monday, May 30, 2011

Helmar Haul

OK so a few of the US girls are doing video's of the awesome stuff they are getting in their boxes.  They are lucky enough to get a heap of products from Helmar's Prefered partners which is super exciting to see what they will be teaming their Helmar up with.

Over here in Oz we get a super box of Helmar products (which suits me fine ;D) and I received my first box today!  I was SOOOO excited when the truck pulled up as I knew it was my box from Helmar that was in there.

The delivery guy took AGES to find my box.  He had come to the door to tell me I had a delivery then went back to the truck to find it.  I was was left standing there... baby in hand (I had just bathed him) and toddler at my side looking at this truck.  Waiting .... waiting .... waiting.....

Then finally he appears with this not too big box... BUT as they say!  Good things come in small packages :D

And when we opened the box, inside was this awesome supply of Helmar Goodies! 

I can't wait to get started on creating some new projects using my now replenished Helmar stash, and well it couldn't have come at a better time seeing I am out of Helmar Acid free glue and Helmar Scrap Dots!  There are even some new products in this box of goodies I am yet to have a go at trying, but I know seeing it is Helmar I will love it!  

Hope you have a nice week ahead... mine has started in a high note :)


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