Thursday, May 5, 2011

A kitchen for my boys

Over the last few weekends my hubby and I have been busy making a kitchen for our boys to play with.  Austin just LOVES to cook with me and so when we had some rather large boxes left from the swings we bought them, I decided to try and make a stove out of one for him.  This worked well until he decided to tip a cup of water on it.  So I decided to re-think the idea and design it to be made out of wood.  I also thought it would be a lovely family project to do together.  It has really been a family affair with me designing it... Andrew fixing up my measurements so it worked, him also cutting it all out and putting it together and the three of us painting it.  There were obvious stresses with a toddler being covered in paint (that didn't come off too easily), but in the most a great deal of fun.

Here are some photos of the process:
Andrew busy doing the woodworking
The three of us at work
My budding artist
Paint literally from head to toe
Austin and I 

After it was all painted, we removed the lower doors for Austin to paint in some nice colourful colours that match his room (we thought it could become a cupboard in his room if they get sick of it).  We have left the upper cupboards for Toby to paint when he is a little older (I think I might just get him to crawl through some paint and then over the cupboards :D)  Lastly we added some finishing touches (a painted stove) knobs, border around the artwork (not a very good job by me I might add) and a light for inside the oven.

And here is the finished project.

 We have been busy saving things (like empty sauce bottles) for the kitchen just to make it that more real for them including an old oven mitt that I made smaller with the sewing machine to fit his hands.  I never imagined how much fun he would have with it including his friends when they come to visit.  I am sure Toby too will enjoy it when he is older.

These are sure to be scrapped, but in the mean time, I hope you have enjoyed my little share.

Hope you are having an enjoyable and relaxing week.  I am, but soon to get in to 2nd Birthday mode for Austins birthday on the 16th May :D


Anonymous said...

those are the cutest picture's!!!!
& he did a great job on the kitchen too

Pearl Maple said...

Just too cute, children inspired to make things with the hands is a sweet thing to see