Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My little boy turns 2!

It has been a bit hard to get a heap of scrapping done lately whilst preparing for my little boy's 2nd Birthday party, so I thought I would share with you some pics from his big day.  I also have a little share with regard to the little gift bags I did for all the kids that came.

This was his birthday cake that I slaved over all Saturday.  He really enjoyed seeing all of the trains being created, even sitting on my lap at times while I iced.

 He just loved everyone singing Happy Birthday to him.

Here is a bit of a close up of each of the cakes.   

For his guests gift bags I pulled out my Helmar 450 Quick Dry to create a set of Alphabet foam stamps.  To do this I first layered two sticky foam letters on top of each other.  I then took my Helmar 450 Quick Dry and glued them to a piece of thick plastic (that I cut out of the box from a toy).

I took my newly made foam stamps and pressed them into some Gesso prior to stamping each letter onto a brown bag.  I love the way the white Gesso comes up against the natural looking brown bags.  I then simply tied some Dark Blue raffia at the top of each bag to match his Thomas and Friends themed party.

They were pretty simple looking, but I think that is what I like most about them as I rarely pull that off :D

Most importantly though - they were filled with heaps of yummy lollies and some other fun stuff too.

I will have another share later this week coming up on the Helmar DT blog that I just finished creating tonight.


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