Monday, August 11, 2008

Packing has begun!

For those that are not yet aware, I am moving back to Melbourne after 2 wonderful years in Perth. We have absolutely loved living here and will be sad to leave. There are many things I will miss about Perth, but mostly the friends we have made while being here and the warmer weather!

OK so the packing has officially started for our move to Melbourne and as you can see I have packed most of the stuff in my scrapping desk.
There won't be many entries from me as we pack and prepare for our move. We will be enjoying a holiday along the way which will be a well earned break! We arrive in Melbourne late September, so you'll have to patient for some new stuff from me until shortly after then (I am sure I will be in MEGA withdrawal after agreeing not to take scrapping stuff with me on our move) so shouldn't take me long to get some new stuff happening!

I do have some things on my camera to share, so there may be the odd entry from me, but they will not be regular, so may be best to subscribe to my blog via the 'get e-mail updates'. This will mean that you get an e-mail from my blog when I update it. I don't get your e-mail address or anything (or know that you have subscribed), but I guess 'blogger' does it somehow.... Very handy to save checking the blog everyday for the possibility of 'something' being updated.


Tracey said...

We have known for a while that you are going but it hasn't made it any easier. We will miss you heaps. The good thing though is that we are only a phone call, email, blog, text away and of course me and Sonya will be over for a visit.
Enjoy your journey home, enjoy your new job and enjoy the ride your life is now taking.
Again we will miss you heaps.
Tracey :-(

Jo Kay said...

Goodness Beck, you certainly do look ready for the big pack tomorrow! I have subscribed to get your updates so I look forward to hearing from you along your trip and of course we better get a big email when you hit Melbourne!!!
Take care, we will all be thinking of you and look forward to catching up soon :)
Jo x

"Dream as far as you can see,and when you get there you can see further"
Zig Ziglar

Vicki said...

Sorry I didn't get to say good bye in person today Beck. Enjoy the adventure on the way back to Melbourne and we look forward to getting updates when you get a chance. Your class on Monday night was a huge success and all the ladies were thrilled with the final result. We have many requests for your embossing powders already...Vicki xx

Sonya Thair said...

Well, you're probably half way to your first stop by now. Can't believe it yet, it'll hit me soon I guess. Thank god it didn't hit me today!! Keep in touch. Looking forward to hearing about your trip though.

Miss ya heaps already!