Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just stuff....

Ok, so I have seriously neglected my blogging.... but I have good reason. I have just started my new job at Kaisercraft, and gee am I loving it. The people are SO nice and I get to be involved in an industry that I love SO MUCH!!

I have had a bit more sorting of the scrapping desk or should I say desks, as one of the plus' of moving is that I now have a bigger scrap area which consists of 3 desks. LOVING IT!! Just got to get some scrapping done now!

Work has given me a project to do, so I am pretty excited about that, just hope I do a good enough job of it now! It will be done with some of the new papers (not yet released) and they are just DEVINE!! If I am allowed I will put a sneak peak up here when it is done, and a full one when it is published.

I have also been asked about the aprons we made for Scrap it that I didn't have photos of.... but have now that I have my CD of the photos taken on the day. The 5 of us decorated these in the effort to win 'Best Dressed' which we were sucessful. You will have to check out my entry on this back in August for all the info of the day and a photo of the 5 of us. But here is the photo of my apron in a little more detail


Vicki said...

There is a great photo of you all winning the best dressed at scrap-it!! in the latest "Creative Paper" magazine....you must check it out!!!! Great to hear that the job is going well.....but you are missed at TM's! Vicki x

Tracey said...

Hey lovey, Missing you heaps, don't think we will ever get used to you not being around.
Gotta check out Creative Paper for the cool photo of you guys and your aprons.
I am so glad that the job is going well. Can't wait to see what project you are doing. I just know it will be amazing.
Catch up soon. Love me :-)