Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Birthday

While we were travelling, I celebrated my Birthday at a really small town that takes 400kms of 4WD road to get to. All there is there is a pub and caravan park. This being the case, there was no option for a birthday cake on my special day.

Having arrived in Melbourne 3 weeks ago, we have been so busy with heaps going on, that we still had had no chance of celebrating it.
On Monday however, when I got home from work my lovely husband Andrew was busy making me a birthday cake. It was a real surprise, and just when I least expected it. It was the most beautiful chocolate cake with chocolate bits through it. It was beautifully moist and cooked to perfection! He even decorated it after dinner, and well I just thought it was the best.

Thanks hubby for a lovely birthday surprise!

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Vicki said...

Happy belated Birthday Beck!! That cake looks amazing...what a lovely surprise for you! Just wish you were closer so that we could share it too!!! Vicki :-)