Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Christmas Playlist

Well I added this playlist today, it is just the coolest thing!! There is a reason I have chosen these songs at this wonderfully special time. I grew up listening to Bing Crosby songs while decorating the house for Christmas every year with my Mum. These times were some of thebest, and everytime I hear these songs, it just puts me in the Christmas Spirit.

I know I will be putting on my blog when setting up my Christmas tree this year or simply doing some Christmassy things... Just to hear this beautiful music.

Sorry Tracey for having some of the same songs, but I just couldn't have put a Christmas Playlist without this song especially!

Hope this helps you all to get into the Christmas Spirit if you are struggling though what seems to get a busier and busier lifestyle that we all lead these days.


Jane Ettia Jones said...

ohh i just did one too and love hearing all the christmas songs, puts you into the christmas spirit

SkyeMJ said...

:) I am a Bing fan as well!
I can't think of any better music to do your christmas decorating to!