Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The belly keeps on growing!!

I thought I should share a new photo with you all that I took last week... It is not the best by photographic standards, but well you can see how much my belly has grown since the last one I posted...
Now for all of you that like to look at the shape to guess what the person is having I have included a front on as well as side on photo... Leave a comment with your guess of when you think my bub will arrive, how big it will be, and of course... if it is a boy or girl!
Everything is going well with the pregnancy with 3 weeks to go now I am getting super excited!!
I have a bit of scrapping to finish for bub's room and then I will post some pic's.
Hope everyone had a great Easter and ate too much chocolate and too many hot cross buns!! I know I did. :)


Kris said...

Wow Weeee Bek, You look fantatsic. Bub is def. ready to come soon, I would think,
..... HE is running out of room!!!

Melissa Kennedy said...

my goodness me how you have "grown" - wishing you all the very best for these last few days Beck and hope it all goes well and you can ENJOY the experience as much as possible....LOL
SHE.... is running out of room...