Monday, April 13, 2009

Twiddleybitz SIA & disappointing news...

I was recently asked to prepare a layout to be entered in the individual layout category at SIA recently held in Sydney (Australia's CHA equivalent trade event) for Twiddleybitz. While I struggled at first to decide what to do, in the end I really enjoyed creating the following layout.

I also have some sad news to share about SIA... I found out last week that the album I had created for Twiddleybitz earlier this year was stolen from their stand. You may have seen this album on a previous post ( I was quite disappointed when I found out that someone would take someone else's memories and hard work never to be returned to them. It really made me speechless... I am very thankful that I do photograph everything I send off as at least I can re-create it .... well at least some day. I know that some of the embellishments were one-off's and I will need to make it a little different.. but I can at least hopefully find and purchase the paper again and other embellishments that I used.
I must say that it has not discouraged me from my scrapbooking or my want to share my work with others.


Debbie said...

That is very disappointing and I totally understand how you feel. I made a sample for the Kaiser shop of a clear album with my girls in it and I actually really liked the album and someone stole it one scrap night we had at the shop. I have been VERY hesitant to make other samples because I put alot of hard work into them and I dont want it to happen again. I LOVE the LO you did for SIA. it's gorgeous.
Not long now Beck.... :)

suzitee said...

Beck...I am speechless about your album. That is just the lowest act imaginable, and I am so sorry that you have had it happen to you. Thank goodness you have photos of the project, and I'm assuming (hoping)they are digital photos that you used in the project. Still...unforgiveable.

SkyeMJ said...

That is terrible! What on earth would anyone want with another persons memories??!
Just ridiculous! :(
Some people really need a life!

I'm glad it hasn't deterred you though - I just love seeing your beautiful work - and that wedding layout is amazing!


Steph said...

what a bugger!! can you list the papers you used I think i may have some of them for you :)

holy moly babe you are bl&&dy HUGE

cant wait to see this little cherub :)