Saturday, April 25, 2009

FINALLY!! The nursery decorating is finished!

When I started this project I never thought it would involve so much work! I must say though, that I have really enjoyed the challenge, especially the one thrown my way from my dear hubby when I thought I had finished... he let me know that I should have the decoration going over the wardrobe as well. Well what that meant was that I had to come up with another animal otherwise it would just not be balanced.

The challenge with this was that in the linen range I have for the bub's cot only has a Lion, an Elephant and a Giraffe. Which although they were a bit of a challenge to recreate out of paper, I was able to trace and copy those ones. So I came up with a Rhino to go with the range. I don't think I did too bad on him... and yes I know he has hippo teeth but I thought they looked good and I don't think that the bub will notice this little error on him. I have since called him a Rhinoppotomas which well I think is just as cool... LOL
Here is a photo of him.
I have also re-created the little birdie that is on the curtain tie backs...

It's funny, I am not really a sewer, but I can say that my skills have improved in that area after all of many little squares that need stitching around, as well as the many crosses... I have always wanted to get into quilting, and well maybe one day I will now.

Here are some photos of the Nursery now all decorated and set up. If me going into labour is psychological well then we are all ready to go after the updating of this latest post. I still have a week and a half to go, and I am going to be patient besides being VERY uncomfortable now... I figure bub will come when it is ready!


Jane Ettia Jones said...

oh gosh how cute is the nursery
i bet you can't wait
and bub is so going to love his/her room it's truly precious

Vicki said...

I just love what you have done with the nursery and can't believe the amount of time that would have gone into all this work! Now it does feel like you are really far away as it would be great to pop in to say 'hello' and see it all in person.

Rest up and enjoy the quiet before bub arrives!

Love vicki x

J Claire said...

Very cute and cozy! You might consider sending a few pics in to our nursery contest or I'd love to have permission to put one of your pics in my nursery picture gallery! Congratulations! Jan

Anonymous said...

Rebecca you have done a wonderful job with the nursery. Good for hubby suggesting to do it across the wardrobe, you have now created an additional animal that goes well with the theme.
Looking forward to the day you post the birth on the blog

suzitee said...

Getting close now Beck! Your nursery looks beautiful...all ready for little ones arrival. Hope all goes well..can't wait to hear of his/her arrival!

Al said...

Love your nursery Beck ... it looks gorgeous x