Thursday, April 28, 2011

Helmar USA 2011 design team

At the moment all I can pretty much say is WOW.  I dared to dream that I would get a 'guest' design spot with Helmar and I made the actual team!

When I put in my application I felt good about what I had put forward and thought that I have at least put my best foot forward that I possibly could.  There are SO many talented scrapbookers out there that I never in a million years expected to be successful, just hoped with all my might!

Last week while I was at the Maternal Child Health Nurse (MCHN) for my son Toby's 4 month check-up I got a call on my mobile phone.  I could barely understand the person on the other end as the service was so bad, so I asked them to call me back in 30 mins (as it came up blocked number - I couldn't call them back) and I hung up the phone... as I did this the mind had ticked over that little bit more and I was quickly putting some pieces together in my head....  blocked number (possibly overseas) American Accent (could only think of Helmar) and the timing (while they were going through the submissions for the guest and team spots for 2011)...


Couldn't have imagined how much the MCHN thought I was looney (especially as people that don't scrap or know someone that does - it is pretty hard to explain what it means to you)  I was now going to have to wait for that call to come back to know what the call is all about... sometimes not knowing can be just as exciting as you are just dying to know one way or the other.  

So in 30 minutes I got another call.  At this stage I was busy trying to get a screaming baby into the car as he was now overtired and reception is even worse this time.  I simply said I would be home in 15 minutes and would have better reception then.  I am sure at this stage Tracy was questioning if she even wanted this person on her team LOL

So I quickly drove home as Toby settled in the car, whilst hoping that hubby would be home as he wasn't well and had popped to the office for just a couple of hours to get things organised.  I got home and was happy to see him there :D  I thought that would help with any further distractions... I quickly explained to him what was going on. I already couldn't contain my excitement and I didn't even know what it was all about - only thinking that if it was Helmar calling it had to be good as I figured they wouldn't be calling me on what was Sunday night there to say I was unsuccessful...

So I stood in a part of the house that has great reception (where I live isn't the best reception for my carrier) and waited for a call - and soon it did!  I was firstly so gobs smacked to be talking to Tracy herself and the news she delivered was just amazing to hear!  I was seriously speechless.  It was such a whirlwind morning, that I just didn't have any words.  I was desperately hoping to get a guest spot, and put in for the actual team as it was a DREAM of mine that I have had for about 2 years now and I was finally in a stage in my life to be able to do it if I was successful

I am just SO thrilled and over the moon that I have made the team, and can't wait to share my work with everyone over the coming months.  It was absolutely killing me not to tell anyone last week while wearing a smile from ear to ear, and now feels even better to be able to share it.  I just LOVE sharing ideas and is the whole reason I post on my blog - with the hope that it inspires at least one person.

So I couldn't share my news... but I could play with my Helmar products :)

I did this layout of my husband's birthday celebrations we had surprised him with last week.  I couldn't help but use my Helmar Liquid Scrap Dots and Helmar 450 Quick Dry teamed up with some awesome Fancy Pants paper and rub ons - It's your Day collection to give the layout that extra bit of dimension.  
If you look carefully at the thin line orange circle - it looks like it is floating... but it isn't - it is fully supported with Helmar liquid scrap dots, as is the star.  I just love the Liquid Scrap Dots as it gives the best raised effect without seeing any ugly foam tape from underneath... also it isn't going anywhere which I like the most!

Well I hope you have enjoyed my little share about a VERY exciting day I had last week and a new layout. 


Teresa said...

Well done - this is awesome news!!
I hope they know they are lucky to have you :)

suzitee said...

A HUGE congratulations to you Beck...what awesome news :)

Shelley said...

Congrats bek. So pleased for you... look forward to seeing you at unmasked.

Debbie said...

YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!! well done Beck I am sooooooo happy for you

Pearl Maple said...

Congrats on finally receiving that very special call, it is fun to hear where folks where when they get happy news and all the details of how they celebrated