Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sharing techniques with Chipboard

Having been working with chipboard on Design teams for a few years now, I was asked to share some of my experience.  I thought - what a better way than to have some displayed on a canvas!

The canvas features 12 different techniques with Chipboard and was created for Scrapware (who is a chipboard manufacturing company) to display at the many craft shows they attend.  There are SO many more techniques I could have done - but I guess you have to stop somewhere as only SO many would actually fit on there!  To narrow it down I chose 12 of my favourite to share.  I kept the canvas rather plain - just using some sprays to colour it a little so as to not take away from the techniques.

As I know not everyone can get to the shows I thought I would share it for you on my blog as well.  Just click on the photo and it should take you to a page with a larger blown up photo of the project.

Hopefully there is a technique you haven't tried!



Chareen said...

Great job Bec. Easy steps and great way to highlight through comparison some of the techniques out there.


Ellie Knol said...

These techniques look great!

VickiLorraine@lefthandednotions said...

So hope to get into scrapbooking thanks for sharing this heart technique.